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Guarantees Registration

Buying a set of new tyres for the car isn’t always the cheapest exercise but can save your life in case of an emergency or even just day-to-day travelling. With a new set of Falken tryes on board you can have confidence knowing your vehicle has a good set of trusted tyres to get you from A to B safely.


With every new set of Falken tyres, we offer our customers Puncture Protection guarding you against: 

  • Punctures 

  • Accidental curb damages and cuts 

  • Impacts damage 

  • Tyre malfunctions


Simply return to the store with 75% or more remaining tread wear and we will repair or replace your tyre free of charge for up to 6 months after install date. *Terms and Conditions apply

Please select the tyre to register for more information.

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