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Experience hassle-free driving at no extra cost. If you get a puncture, hit a pot hole or kerb, and your tyre is damaged we’ll replace it for free*. Even though it’s outside of our control, we want you on the road and staying there.

Terms and Conditions

The tyres covered under this guarantee include, but are not limited to: Falken Azenis FK510, Falken Azenis FK510SUV, Falken Ziex ZE912, Falken Ziex ZE914, Falken Ziex S/TZ05. The original Falken equipment tyres that were originally fitted to the vehicle are excluded. Runflat tyres are excluded. Tyres will not be covered by this guarantee if damage is caused by, but not limited to: (1) Acts of vandalism, theft, abuse and neglect; (2) Use in motorsport and non-tarmac roads; (3) Commercial uses such as taxis, hire cars, etc.; (4) Mechanical and wheel alignment issues, improper inflation pressures, incorrect usage, negligence, failure to maintain or rotate tyres. If a tyre is deemed repairable, it is to be repaired (at the customer’s expense). If a tyre is irreparable, then a free-of-charge (FOC: 100% credit) tyre or pro-rata credit is supplied, in lieu of the applicable damaged tyre, if the criteria is met. A FOC tyre (100% credit) to be supplied if: (1) The tyre is under 25% worn; (2) The claim is within one [1] year of the purchase date; (3) Tyres were purchased from participating dealer; (4) Original invoice is supplied. Pro-rata credit is supplied if: (1) The tyre is over 25% worn; (2) The claim is within one [1] year of the purchase date, (3) Tyres were purchased from participating dealer. (4) Original invoice is supplied. Claims must be made at the original place of purchase. Qualification requires a minimum of two [2] new tyres to be purchased. Subject to change without notification.

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