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Charlton Tyres can supply and fit your Car or Four Wheel Drive with set of great looking alloy wheels from a range of leading wheel manafactures including, Dynamic Wheels, Performance and ROH. We have great deals on tyre & wheel packages. Drop in to our showroom or call for a quote.

Factory made alloy wheels are engineered to exacting worldwide standards, they are engineered for loads and forces to match the vehicles they are designed to fit.

All of our wheels are guaranted for factory-designed fitments.

Public Notice… Extremely dangerous practices … Must have correct loading rating. Be very careful where you buy your alloy wheels.

Some modifications can change the original specifications, and make the wheels dangerous and likey to crack, fall apart or even collapse while you are driving and therefore have the potential to cause a fatal accident. We have seen failures where car wheels have been fitted to commercial vehicles that carry a much greater load. All wheels are required to be stamped with there loading rating.



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